Welcome to our new students!

Posted on September 23, 2013


It’s Welcome Week at NTU, and there are lots of things going on for our new students.  As well as some of the social activities that might be going on, there are also lots of familiarisation events and talks happening.  The Library is taking part in these.  This week we’re:

  • Attending Freshers Fair on Thursday and Friday.  Ask questions, have a chat, and pick up some freebies.  There’ll also be a member of staff from IS who will be able to answer your questions about using the University’s IT systems.
  • Hosting a Welcome Desk in the library entrance.  We’ll have staff on hand to answer any questions, particularly as our ground and lower ground floors are being refurbished.  If you want to know where anything is, or how to do anything, just ask.
  • Running special library training events.  On Wednesday afternoon this week we have sessions on Library Basics;  Introduction to NOW; and Practical Harvard Referencing Workshop.  Come along and learn how to use some of our systems and facilities.  The sessions run for an hour and are free.

Ian and Rachel will also be seeing all new students this week, where we’ll be demonstrating how NOW works, and also providing some basic information about the library.  We’ll also be giving out NTU Library Essentials guides, which come in a shiny new wallet.  As with any of the above sessions, if you have a particular question, ask Ian or Rachel, your Liaison Librarian, and we’ll answer them the best we can.

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