Teaching Information Literacy to Art & Design Students

Posted on August 16, 2013


Information Literacy by Ewa Rozkosz on Flickr

In June ARLIS UK & Ireland ran a workshop looking at new and interesting ways of teaching information literacy skills to art and design students.  Unfortunately neither Ian nor Rachel were able to attend, but the presentations are available on Dropbox.

There’s some really interesting research by Glasgow School of Art into how their confident students are at using researching (using the internet came top, library databases came lowest) and evaluating their sources; using games in library instruction sessions; object based learning at the University of the Arts; and approaches to planning information literacy from the University of the Creative Arts.  The presentation that I found very interesting when viewing it was from the Arts University Bournemouth, on a collaborative project that was run on one of their filmmaking courses, where students were images and words are spread on tables, and each student chooses one.  From this they’re then tasked with creating something inspired from this image or word and there are no limits to where they can go with it – the process of how they reach their final destination is what’s important.  This is a very interesting approach, and encourages students to look at research in a different way, one they can have some control over and understand how concepts can fit together.

If you’d like to have a look at this presentation, it’s available via this link Ideas Factory presentation – Alan Turner 2013  I’d encourage academic staff to have a chat with either of your Liaison Librarians to work alongside you on any particular projects.  We’re both more than happy to discuss different approaches to teaching, and look forward to being involved in student projects.