Library Improvements Blog

Posted on April 10, 2013


New Brackenhurst Library - Expected Internal View

New Brackenhurst Library – Internal View Mockup

As many of you will have noticed, there are things changing in and around the libraries.  The Boots Library is undergoing a major investment, with the 4th floor being refurbished over the summer, and Brackenhurst having a brand new library due to open shortly.  There’s a Youtube video of the construction.

Because we’ve so many things happening we’ve created a blog to let everybody know what’s going on.  We’re going to feature pictures and photographs of the progress, and keep everybody updated with what we’re doing.  You’ll also be able to comment and make suggestions to us as well, as your opinions are important.

If you’d like any more information about this, please contact either Rachel or Ian, and we’ll try our best to answer any questions.

A link to our blog will shortly be available on our website,,

or you can go directly to: