Open Access Publishing – things to to watch out for

Posted on April 9, 2013


Having just read a really interesting article on the New York Times website about “unethical” open access publishers, I thought that it would be of interest to research students and staff.  Although the article talks predominantly about science publishing, the same things can be applied to any subject or discipline.

Open Access publishing is taking on a higher importance within the academic community, and also within our University.  Researchers are being encouraged to publish via the Open Access route, but from reading the article in the New York Times, it seems that care needs to be taken when choosing which journal to publish in.  Jeffrey Beall, a librarian at Auraria Library, University of Colorado Denver, in the USA, has, through much research and time, complied a list of publications and a list of publishers to be very wary of.  He’s also explained his criteria for how these have been selected, and recommends that researchers also use these when looking at what journals to publish in.

I’d also recommend a look at the rest of his blog.  It makes for fascinating reading, from how new publishers are copying established publishers websites, to how they charge authors for retractions.

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