Training Events for Staff – w/c 27 June

Posted on June 27, 2011


This week’s training events cover Open Access, RefWorks, and social bookmarking. There are other events going on across all three campus libraries, please check our website for more details.

  • Open Access and iRep.   Wednesday 29 June 1-2.  Want to know more about how to raise your research profile by publishing via an Open Access route (i.e. free for the end user to access)?  This session will outline what Open Access is, use of IRep, how to make use of it and how to publish your work via this channel.
  • RefWorks 2: Sharing References.  Wednesday 29 June, 2-3.  learn how you can make your references available to other RefWorks users via RefShare, import information from websites with RefGrabIt! and turn your own references into an RSS feed.  Participants are expected to be current RefWorks users with a RefWorks account.
  • RSS Feeds and Social  Bookmarking.  Wednesday 29 June 3-4.  RSS feeds automatically keep you up to date with your  favourite websites and database searches.  Social bookmarking sites allow you to access your internet bookmarks from any internet-based pc, and share them with other internet users worldwide.  This session will provide an introduction to both technologies.